Summary: A tutorial or an example of using an online Discount Store like Rpoints to save a lot of money getting a selection of quotations for taking out motoring or motor car insurance then paying on-line for that quote and earning points which can then be redeemed a few weeks later for cash.

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How I use Rpoints to make AND save money.

An example of how I used Rpoints to get 36% off my UK car insurance.

I fired up Rpoints and logged in. Then I looked in the 'Categories' list and selected Motor Insurance.                           . back to earn money back .

This opens a page with dozens of insurance firms and the points you get when taking out insurance through Rpoints.
Go to several companies and fill in your details to get a quote and choose to save the quotes for later use. ( I also print out the quotes to compare them ). You can recalculate the quotes to see what difference a rise in the voluntary excess makes, for instance.
Usually the quote already includes a 10% discount for ordering your insurance on-line.

I selected Lloyds TSB in this instance, recalled my saved quotation and paid online with my credit card.
When I checked my Rpoints account I already had the 7000 points added 'pending', to be awarded about 7 weeks later!
This time delay is normal to stop people trying to cheat the system.

Now I got 10% off for ordering on-line then, as you can see from the screen grab of my monitor above, 7000 points to come later worth GBP£70.00. That makes it about another 35% off, in time, making my years car insurance GBP£126.35. ( I have a lot of years no-claim-bonus! ).

The next pleasant surprise was to find that one of the people ( like you, dear reader ) who had joined Rpoints from my link, had reached over 2,500 Rpoints awarded to them which gave me a one-off bonus of 500 points or a fiver. It gives me pleasure to know that my introduction to Rpoints has saved them a lot of money.

So Rpoints has made me money today and saved me money today. Thank you.

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